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Peppermint Bar Soap
Lavender Bar
Honey and Beeswax Bar Soap
Vanilla Almond Bar Soap
Shea Butter Soap
Grapefruit Bar w/Annatto Seed
Just Soap Bar
Cedarwood Bar Soap
Moisture Soap
Lime Bar - Out of Stock
Eucalyptus Bar Soap
Lemon Verbena Bar
Honey Oat w/Lavender
Our signature Clean Ridge bar soaps are made with the finest essential oils, honey
and plants harvested at local farms, olive, jojoba, palm and coconut oils, beeswax,
and rosemary oil extract as our preservative.  Packaged in our signature box.
MOISTURE SOAP - 6 oz. bar
Indulge your skin.  We blend
11 oils and butters to create
one of the most
extraordinary skin soaps
you’ll ever use.  Ingredients
are among the finest
available: oils of rice bran,
macadamia nut, grapeseed,
shea, sweet almond, jojoba,
rosemary extract and
avocado, plus butters of
shea, avocado and almond.
Avocado Butter W/Cucumber
Lilac Bar Soap
Rose Soap - No Longer Available
Simple Shampoo
We now offer an
alcohol free
shampoo that
contains only six
Among them is avocado oil and
liquid silk.  Our shampoo is
lightly scented with lemon
verbena so that it doesn't
interfere with your favorite
Since there are  
shampoo is ideal for homes
with SOFT WATER and
water that has been filtered
as in reverse osmosis.  Our
shampoo does not work well
with hard water or water
containing minerals and
sediments such as calcium
and magnesium.    
Pomegranate Bar Soap